1. Aluminum Frame Cushion Product
    Aluminum Frame Cushion Product
    No matter what the item, we ensure that all products offered are ONLY made out of non-rusting materials that are meant for minimum maintenance in any conditions.
  2. Aluminum Strap
    Aluminum Strap
    Double wrapped strap furnishings continue to be the staple in the industry for durability with any budget.
  3. All Weather Wicker
    All Weather Wicker
    All Weather Wicker is extremely comfortable and is perfect for areas under cover that are still exposed to the elements.
  4. Padded Sling & MGP Frames
    Padded Sling & MGP Frames
    Padded Sling adds comfort while Marine Grade Polymer adds durability and strength.
  5. Cast Aluminum
    Cast Aluminum
    Cast Aluminum frames have more intricate design and are much heavier than standard aluminum frames.
  6. Commercial Quality Resin
    Commercial Quality Resin
    Italian based leading manufacture of Resin frame commercial furnishings offers contemporary style with little to no maintenance.
  7. Ipe Wood
    Ipe Wood
    Ipe Wood harvested in the Bolivian Rainforest - 100% FSC certified
  8. Aluminum Frame Sling
    Aluminum Frame Sling
    Definitely the most recognized and popular in choice for ease of maintenance and comfort.
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